A Site is Born – Thanks to Blue Dozen

BD log

First of all – a huge thank you to Blue Dozen Design for the website upgrade!

Blue Dozen pulled up immediately in my first Asheville NC website design, and they responded within 15 minutes about a website hack I’d discovered. When I read their bio’s however, I knew it was destiny. It turns out we all attended Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) in 1989-1991 before I transferred to UNC Asheville to study Ecology and they stayed to graduate and pull up the pants on the World of Art.   Turns out Leigh and I were friends at SCAD but lost touch when I left.

Blue Dozen not only updated MTS’s 1956 era website – but they helped produce content, imagery, and flow that we couldn’t.   Fact:  we’re biologists, conservationists, foresters, and nature freaks.  They are web professionals, and I think the website shows it. James Gaffney and Leigh Munro are not only web-czars, but they will frame, word, picture, phrase, and offer your services with methodology and humor that you are too close to your business to have.

Thanks so much James & Leigh – post #1 is for you and your awesome work.