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Up Close With Ferns

Ferns are delicate, easy to overlook, non-flowering, often avoided – and many of them are critically rare. They can be daunting to learn, but in time they are easily recognized by habitat, substrate, color, texture, size, etc. The point of this posting is simply to draw your attention to the beauty, intricacy, similarity and differences of ferns rather than go through the litany of ferns you will see in the Blue Ridge, Foothills, and eastern US.

Billion Gallon Beavers

Lets talk beaver. Beaver dams. Water Retention. Complete natural areas alteration. Billions of gallons of water – all largely missing today.

Why would beaver be important? You probably have lots of other worries, but in the face of global warming and increasingly severe regional droughts, we should want more, not less water – and beavers are nature’s ultimate water-cooler braggart. We desperately need them doing their jobs again.